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Professional Wet Room installations in Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire

GT Bathrooms professional local fitters of modern and contemporary Wet Rooms in Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire.

Increasing demand for modern, contemporary spacious Wet Rooms has seen architects; property developers and homeowners keen to find simple, effective and reliable Wet Room solutions specifically tailored to meet these needs.

GT Bathrooms have extensive experience within this particular field of expertise.

GT Bathrooms have designed and fitted high quality Wet Room Installations for many highly satisfied %location% homeowners and businesses.

GT Bathrooms experience stretches back over 15 years in the waterproofing industry.

During our times of trading, we have worked closely with many Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire architects, private landlords, homeowners, hotels health clubs and spars to install both the ultra luxurious, and basic Wet Room systems into all types of premises, both commercial and residential throughout %location% the Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire regions.

Our Wet Room Installations conform to all UK and European standards, and are fitted by our fully qualified highly experienced Wet Room Fitters.

Wetroom Design Services

As experts in Wet Room specification and design, the GT Bathrooms design team work with our Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire clients to provide a full design, consultation and installation service.

With GT Bathrooms managing your project from start to finish you can rest assured that your Wet Room Installation will leave you free to relax and enjoy your new space safe in the knowledge that your Wet Room is 100% water tight and fit for purpose.

Our design service means we are happy to liaise with our clients on site and carry out a site-specific survey to establish the correct systems of works for your project.

Things you should consider when planning a Wet Room Installation.

  • Where is your shower going to be located.
  • Choose the style of your wet room or shower room floor drain.
  • Consider the wet room flooring, style of floor tile and size of the tile.
  • Some drains work better with larger tiles and some with mosaics.
  • Would you like under floor heating instead of a radiator.
  • Heated towel rails.
  • Glass screens – are great for protecting the sanitary ware from water spray.
  • Wall hung sanitary ware.
  • Free standing baths are a great addition to any Wet Room Installation.
  • Less-able bodied showering / Wheel Chair access Wet Rooms.
  • Hand rails enable increased stability for the less able bodied.
  • Shower seating.
  • Non-slip Wet Room flooring tiles.
  • Disabled access.
  • Easy access to shower area.
  • Space saving shower room.
  • Mosaic tiles are often the best choice for the flooring area if using a centrally placed drain.

What is a Wet Room?

Wet Rooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms usually equipped with a walk in shower.

The Wet Room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a shower drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place of a conventional shower tray.

How Do we Ensure That Your Wet Room Does Not Leak

Tanking is a waterproofing procedure carried out in bathrooms, Wet Rooms, shower rooms and sauna/steam rooms, which protects the fabric of the building against moisture migration and leaks (steam, shower spray, etc).

Contrary to popular belief, all Wet Room flooring including tiles, adhesives and grouts are permeable and therefore can allow moisture to migrate into the structure over time causing mould growth, rot, and in some cases resulting in structural damage.

Professionally sealed tanking is of paramount importance as this is the stage of the installation upon which all other areas of the build depend on, GT Bathrooms are experts in providing waterproofing services.

Touch wood but we've not made it rain in anyone’s lounge to date and we intend to keep it that way, that is why we check and double check that all our joints and seals are 100% water tight prior to commencing to the next stage of the build.

Key elements for a Wet Room,

  • Correct selection of wet room flooring and Wet Room/Shower Drain.
  • Correct application of wet room flooring sloping towards the Shower Drain.
  • Effective Waterproofing / Tanking.
  • Sufficient Ventilation.

What Are The Key Benefits of Having a Wet Room Installed?

  • Luxurious Lifestyle.
  • Opens up your bathroom and creates a relaxing modern and attractive space.
  • Suits and facilitates contemporary design.
  • Compatible with under floor heating systems.
  • Total Flexibility
  • Facilitates a shower where a traditional shower tray may not have been viable.
  • Wet room flooring can be installed on wooden or concrete floors.
  • No predetermined shower sizes or shapes.
  • Excellent Finish
  • Protects your building from moisture damage and leaks.
  • Prolongs the life of your tiles and grout.
  • Level Access floor – assists less able bodied showering.

Can You install a Wet Room in to any house or apartment?

  • Yes, you can replace your shower room/ bathroom in any house or apartment with a wet room.

The style of your wet room may vary depending on your floor profile. If you are looking for level access showering, the shower drain needs to be installed completely into your floor. In some buildings this is not possible, as you may not have enough space beneath the actual floor i.e. the depth of the flooring screed is insufficient or the wooden joists are not deep enough.

Wet rooms design can be creative or simplistic, there are plenty of ways in which to work with the building and still achieve the Wet Room you envisaged.

What do I need to consider when planning a Wet Room?

  • Wet Room design has NO space or size limitations they can be luxurious or utilitarian as required.

What do you want to achieve from your Wet Room Installation?

  • Contemporary walk in shower or Wet Room design.
  • A touch of luxury adding both class and value to your home or business.
  • Safe easily accessible Wet Rooms for those with reduced mobility.
  • A cloakroom shower for a space saving functional practical Wet Room.

General Key Decisions

  • Where is your shower going to be located?
  • Choose the style of your Wet Room or shower room floor drain
  • Consider the Wet Room flooring, style of floor tile and size of the tile
  • Some drains work better with larger tiles and some with mosaics
  • Would you prefer under floor heating instead of a radiator
  • Heated towel rails often make a great addition to any Wet Room.
  • Glass screens are great for protecting the sanitary ware from water spray
  • Wall hung sanitary ware is great for space saving.
  • Free standing baths are a great addition to any Wet Room.
  • Less-able bodied showering / Wheel Chair access wet Rooms.
  • Grab rails perfect for the less able bodied to increase stability.
  • Shower seating is ideal if you are not as steady on your legs as you used to be.
  • Non-slip wet room-flooring tiles, providing added safety in your Wet Room.
  • Easy access to shower area.
  • Space saving shower room.
  • Consider mosaic tiles for the flooring area if using a centrally placed drain.
  • Whatever your Wirral Liverpool or Cheshire Wet Room requirements GT Bathrooms can help Call Us Today On 07790 075 702.

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